Due to the unexpected release of the new Pi 02, there's been a huge surge in interest.
If you don't manage to secure a Null 2, please sign up to the waitlist again so that you're notified when stock returns (I'm working on it).

The Null 2 is a DIY handheld games console powered by a Raspberry Pi 0, with a 3.2" screen and all the buttons you need to play some retro games.


If you are making a Null 2 kit using a Pi 02, the image currently on this website will not work. You will need to follow the guide from Jeff Geerling here https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2021/raspberry-pi-zero-2-powers-null-2-retropie-gaming-handheld
If someone awesome wants to make an image following that guide, remove their ROMs and WiFi info, then share it with me, I'll put it up on the website and give you credit. Bonus points if you run it through PiShrink first.
I haven't had time to make a Null 2 with a Pi 02 yet.