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Pi Image for Pi zero 1

This page is for the Pi Zero 1. If you are using a Pi Zero 2, go to this page: Pi Zero 2 Image.

The original image has everything you need to get it working, it is not the most optimized it can be.

A member of the community made their own image that potentially improves performance for many emulators and includes a PlayStation configuration. I have not personally tried the image.

From happyearmuffs:

"I made a Retropie 4.1 image for the Null 2, as I had been reading a bunch of posts that indicated that performance on the pi zero across a bunch of emulators got significantly worse after 4.1. I've also installed and correctly configured the non lib-retro pcsx-rearmed emulator, which actually runs most PlayStation games quite well on the pi zero provided you add your own BIOS file, and the caveat is you need to put that bios file in /home/pi/bios NOT the /home/pi/retropie/bios folder."

"note here, i remapped the "system" button to be "ESC" and updated the script for the volume and shutdown shortcuts, this allows you to open the pcsx-rearmed emulator menu to configure it to use your bios."

A big thank you to happyearmuffs, you can get their image by clicking the button below.

If you want to make your own image on another version of Retropie, I have put together some documents that can help, get them by clicking the button below.

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