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The Acrylic case

For the acrylic case, you will need BOTH the 3mm parts and the 5mm parts.

They can be purchased from, or Sudomod and the design files can be found via the button above. is UK-based and offer Null 2 cases at: £35 for UK, £45 for EU, and £55 for USA, if you email them at

Don't use the "Make" button as it will not apply the offer, email them instead, just mention the Null 2.

Ponoko don’t offer 5mm clear acrylic, so instead use the 0.220” option. It’s slightly thicker (5.6mm) but will still work.

The design files include two sets of all the buttons so if you lose, break, or ruin them, you get a second chance.

You will also get a bunch of scrap pieces, hold onto them.

Make sure you have received all of these parts and contact the laser cutters if any are missing or broken.

Some of these pieces are fragile, be careful.


These are the 3mm parts.

These are the 5mm parts.

Acrylic graphics.png

Here is an OLD screenshot of RazorLab with all the correct settings for the case. They have since changed their system in favor of a more personal one, use their live chat and mention the Null 2.

The “Null2-V1-3mm-P1-FINAL.eps” file contains all the 3mm parts for the case.

Select Acrylic - Clear, 3.0 mm, and P1.

The “Null2-V1-5mm-P1-FINAL.eps” file contains all the 5mm parts for the case.
Select Acrylic - Clear, 5.0 mm, and P1.

Exploded Diagram Acyrlic Fix-01 - Copy.p
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